Partners and Donors

We are very pleased to acknowledge the individual and institutional partners and donors who make Rohatyn Jewish Heritage projects and progress possible. Elsewhere on this site we thank our advisers and volunteers who provide experience and expertise in developing and managing the technical and social aspects of our projects. Here we would like to thank the many people who fund our work through their generosity, in both time and money, to keep us moving forward. Every gift is appreciated, and put to work. For anyone considering how they can help us in this work, please see our How to Help page; we thank you and will be very happy to acknowledge you here also.


Our meeting with the library staff.

Meeting with the Rohatyn public library staff. Photo © 2016 Jay Osborn.

The following organizations have provided leadership, strategic advice, information, and networking to help us learn and develop as a heritage organization. Most have also given their time and labor to assist us with tactical efforts, some since the very beginning of our program. None of these partnerships is formal, which makes us all the more grateful for the engagement of the representatives who have worked with us.

Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group
Gesher Galicia, Inc.
City of Rohatyn
Rohatyn Public Library
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Hesed-Arieh Lviv
Lviv Volunteer Center
Yahad-In Unum
The Matzevah Foundation
Centropa and their Ukrainian/Moldovan education project Trans.History
Bolechow Jewish Heritage Society
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church of Rohatyn and Archpriest Dmytro Bihun
Rohatyn Special Boarding School (Internat)
Centre of Archaeology at Staffordshire University
Recording Cultural Genocide and Killing Sites in Jewish Cemeteries


Generous friends, colleagues, and family have donated money and time to help cover the costs of Jewish headstone recovery work in Rohatyn since we first discovered the need in 2011, and more recently to support larger projects such as the Jewish mass grave survey planned for 2017. We are humbled by the quick and easy help so many people have provided. In addition to the people we are very pleased to acknowledge here, we remember many others who have given anonymously to support our work.

Rohatyn residents, volunteers, supporters, and advisors clean Jewish headstones recovered in a garden before transport to the old Jewish cemetery

Rohatyn residents, volunteers, supporters, and advisors clean Jewish headstones recovered in a garden before transport to the old Jewish cemetery. Photo © 2016 Jay Osborn.

Mark Albom
Elaine H. Allen
Morey Altman
Tarik Cyril Amar
Ann Appelbaum and Neal Borovitz
Reese, Jojo and Simon Awend
Kerstin Barnstorf
Omer Bartov
Sharlene Wolf Basch
Guy Berfield
Heike Bernhardt
Łukasz Biedka
Hinda Ira Blady Borovitz
Rebecca Blady and Jeremy Borovitz
René Blättermann
Avi Blitz (z”l)
Michael Bohnen
Abraham Bonowitz
Sheri Borovitz-Linda
Joan Bradus and Dale Friedman
Joe Bratspis
Susan Brust
Fay and Julian Bussgang
Yuri Cherniavsky
Benjamin E. Cohen
Andre Convers
Anna Cwirko-Godycki
Loraine Kasten Davis
Etienne Denneboom
Jessica and David Eber
Klaus-Dieter L. Ehmke
Sara Ehrlich
Alex Feller
Jordan Friede
Robin Gerber
Denni Ann Gershaw-Smith
Nina and Gary Glaser
Dori Kirk and Mitchell Glotzer
Les Gluck
Rena Goldzweig
Susan Leibenhaut and Joseph Gootenberg
Michael Greenbaum
Robert Gruszczyński
Rosette Faust Halpern (z”l)
Edgar Hauster
Mary Kalyna Hawryshkiw
Uwe Kaminsky
Rosanne Hecht
Tammy A. Hepps
Christian Herrmann
Helen Altman Hochberg
Frank Hornstein
Jacob Tsvi Hornstein (z”l)
Michla Irby
Rebecca Sivitz and Sean Jackowitz
Edward Janes
Batya and David Kidron
Laurence Kirsch
Logan Kleinwaks
Phyllis Kramer
Ruth Ann Kurzbauer
Paley Lewis
Inna and Igor Lukashevsky
Gladys Lyons
Rachel McRae
Alan Mandelberg
Cortney Medovich
Erin Moure
Cathy Osborn
Marla and Jay Osborn
Ruth and Doug Osborn
Michael Ozair
Stephanie Palumbo
Gary Pess
Eliezer Ben Pinchas
Tammy Raiton
Eleanor Raucher
Rhonda and Doug Robins
Chaya Rosen
Harriet Rossetto and Mark Borovitz
Per Anders Rudling
Monica Steinmetz Sageman
Neil Schwartz
Penny Schwartz
Jutta Seidel
Julie Steinmetz Shaffer
Mark Shapiro
Max Shterngel and Lena Kushnir
Nancy Siegel
Mary Skinner
Stephan H. Small
Cheryl Morden and Reuben Snipper
Philip Spector and Carole Lebbin
Ania and Witek Stępień
Rachel Stevens and Jack Wright
Izabella Tabarovsky
Tiffany Taylor and Matthew Cerimele
Tatyana Tcheka
Thomas A. Traber
Gary Turkish
Susan and Bruce Turnbull
Steven Turner
Andrea Tzadik
Mykhailo Vorobets
Miriam Weiner
Amy and Darryn Weinstein
Maria-Philippa Wieckowski
Ian Young
Margaret and Andrew Zalewski
Neal Zank
Michael Zaplotny