Abandoned matzevah by the Hnyla Lypa riverside in Rohatyn

How to Help

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.

Rohatyn Jewish Heritage is powered by volunteers, donors, and supporters; the progress of the program scales to the contributions of energy, time, and money from partners, friends, and families in Rohatyn and across the world. We are grateful for the past and ongoing support from advisers and volunteers, and from partners and donors. To continue the program, and to achieve the initial goals of the first projects, we need help in many forms:

  • translations (to and from Ukrainian and Polish)
  • local project management (in Rohatyn and the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast)
  • education project development
  • donations (to pay local labor and for local project development)

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing work experience, labor, or educational resources. To offer much-needed financial support, please read on.

This program relies on the generous contributions of people like you. Rohatyn Jewish Heritage is an official project under the auspices of Gesher Galicia, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes and conducts Jewish genealogical and historical research for Galicia, a province of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is today part of southeastern Poland and western Ukraine.  All donations from United States citizens to Gesher Galicia for the benefit of the Rohatyn Jewish Heritage program are tax-deductible according to law. You may make any size donation by either check, credit card, or PayPal.  We encourage you to help make the Rohatyn Jewish Heritage program a reality.


To contribute by credit card or PayPal:

  • click on the Donate button above
  • a new browser window will open where you can enter your donation amount
  • the form will automatically designate the donation purpose for Rohatyn Jewish Heritage
  • when you complete the payment, the you can return via Gesher Galicia to this page


To contribute by check:

  • checks must be payable in US dollars, drawn on a US bank
  • make checks payable to: Gesher Galicia, Inc.
  • please indicate on the check: for Rohatyn Jewish Heritage
  • include your email address on the memo line of the check
  • address the envelope to:

    Gesher Galicia, Inc.
    P.O. Box 66534
    3826 Grand View Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90066

If you wish more information about donating by check to Rohatyn Jewish Heritage through Gesher Galicia, click here.


Thank you very much for your contribution.