Memoirs of Jewish Life in Rohatyn

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.

Packing eggs for a wholesale egg merchant in Rohatyn

Packing eggs for a wholesale egg merchant in Rohatyn. Source: Steinmetz Family Collection.


Encyclopedia of the Jewish Communities of Poland (Pinkas hakehillot Polin), Rohatyn chapter, 1980

Yizkor Book for Rohatyn: The Community of Rohatyn and Environs (Kehilat Rohatyn v’hasviva), 1962

Donia Gold Shwarzstein’s Remembering Rohatyn and Its Environs, 2019

Yehoshua Spiegel’s Zikhron Zemer: Songs and Melodies of Rohatyn (Poland), 1973

USC Shoah Foundation Interviews with Rohatyn Survivors and Others, 1995~2001

Jewish Voices

Jack Glotzer’s I Survived the German Holocaust Against All Odds, 2000/2018/2022

Borys Arsen’s My Bitter Truth (Моя Гірка Правда), 2004

Rosette Faust Halpern’s A Journey Through Grief, 2013

Dina Dor-Kasten’s Hidden Under the Earth (Versteckt unter der Erde), 2016

Alexander Kimel, Autobiographical Notes and Memorial Poetry, 2005

Sylvia Lederman’s Sheva’s Promise, 2013

Paul Trepman’s Among Men and Beasts, 1978

An Interview with Klara Schnytzer, 1980

Fanny Holtzmann in Edward O. Berkman’s The Lady and the Law, 1976

Other Voices

Yahad – In Unum Interviews with Rohatyn Holocaust Witnesses (Ukrainian), 2016

Mykhailo Vorobets Remembers: The South Mass Grave in Rohatyn, 2017

Roman Korytko’s “In the Crucible of Battle”, 2013