Memoirs of Jewish Life in Rohatyn

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.

Packing eggs for a wholesale egg merchant in Rohatyn

Packing eggs for a wholesale egg merchant in Rohatyn. Source: Steinmetz Family Collection.


Encyclopedia of the Jewish Communities of Poland (Pinkas hakehillot Polin), Rohatyn chapter, 1980

Yizkor Book for Rohatyn: The Community of Rohatyn and Environs (Kehilat Rohatyn v’hasviva), 1962

Leah Zahav’s Remembering Rohatyn and its Environs, 2015

USC Shoah Foundation Interviews with Rohatyn Survivors and Others, 1995~2001

Jewish Voices

Jack Glotzer’s I Survived the German Holocaust Against All Odds, 2000/2018

Rosette Faust Halpern’s A Journey Through Grief, 2013

Alexander Kimel, Autobiographical Notes and Memorial Poetry, 2005

Sylvia Lederman’s Sheva’s Promise, 2013

Paul Trepman’s Among Men and Beasts, 1978

Other Voices

Yahad – In Unum Interviews with Rohatyn Holocaust Witnesses (Ukrainian), 2016