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Quiet time in Rohatyn, September 1915

Quiet time in Rohatyn, September 1915.
Source: Polona.

Perhaps you are interested in the history of Rohatyn but are bored by history timelines? Maybe you are wondering, where did we hide that fascinating 1932 film by Fanny Holtzmann which shows smiling people walking and interacting in various locations around Rohatyn? Or possibly you are researching a topic of Rohatyn’s history which doesn’t tie to one specific event or period? There could be many reasons why a timeline format is not ideal for your interest in the Jewish and other pasts of Rohatyn. This page collects all of the articles which we have written for our website covering events, people, places, and themes from those pasts, in a simple list format so you can browse them without searching the timelines.

Even this simple list is becoming long, so the articles are grouped by general time period (as in the timelines), beginning with thematic articles which span more than one period. And yes, the list is not complete yet, because we are still working on portions of the timeline and on supporting articles, but they will be added here as they are completed.

In case you really do want to follow the timeline, here’s the outline: A History of the Jewish Community of Rohatyn.

General/Thematic Topics

The Jewish Population of Rohatyn

Mapping Rohatyn

Memoirs of Jewish Life in Rohatyn

The Early Years (Beginnings to 1914)

The Timeline

Rohatyn District Lease of 1693

Rohatyn District Population in 1710

Inventory of the Rohatyn District in 1725

The Jewish Population of Rohatyn in 1765

Wild Weather in 1817

Jewish Neighborhoods of Rohatyn ca. 1846

The 1907 Austrian Parliamentary Election in Rohatyn

The Great War in Rohatyn (1914 to 1918)

The Timeline

Military Training Exercises in Rohatyn, 1916

World War I Battle Maps

The Interwar Era (1918 to 1939)

The Timeline

1926 Polish Declarations of Friendship with the United States

Fanny Holtzmann’s 1932 Film of Rohatyn

The Shoah in Rohatyn (1939 to 1945)

The Timeline

Rohatyn’s Wartime Righteous Gentiles

The Katzmann Report and Rohatyn

Rohatyn’s Wartime Jewish Ghetto

The Route to Belżec

1944 Soviet Extraordinary State Commission Report Fragment on Rohatyn

1945 Soviet Extraordinary State Commission Report on the Rohatyn District

Rohatyn Jewish Holocaust Victims List (Unknown Original Source)

Rohatyn in the Oneg Shabbat – Ringelblum Archive

USHMM Encyclopedia: Ghettos of Rohatyn and the Region

Yahad – In Unum Interviews with Rohatyn Holocaust Witnesses

Jewish Rohatyners Today (1945 to Present)

Migration and Continuation: Jewish Rohatyners Today

Regional Jewish Culture

What’s in a Word: Regional Terms for Jews, Past & Present

Jewish Music in Rohatyn

Jewish Theater in Rohatyn

Jewish Traditions for Death, Burial, and Mourning

Written in Stone: The Art and Meaning of Rohatyn’s Jewish Grave Markers