Resources for Further Study: References and Links

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.


A selection of books useful in Jewish heritage work in Central Europe

A selection of books useful in Jewish heritage work in Central Europe. Photo © 2015 RJH.

Print and digital literature and media applicable to our heritage work is large and varied; our research for references and guidance will likely continue for years. Gathered here is a list with brief descriptions of books, magazine and journal articles, web sites, and other text and media resources which we find useful in our Jewish heritage and history work related to the former Jewish community of Rohatyn. Because of the breadth and number of the references and links, we have divided these resources into categories below, each with its own page; some items appear in more than one category.

Many of the resources listed here focus on nearby countries such as Poland, Lithuania, or Belarus; because of shared heritage over centuries in Central Europe, the data and methods are generally applicable in Ukraine despite differences in the modern countries. Some resources cover heritage issues in North America, but again there are useful lessons on materials and methods which can be applied in Rohatyn and the region. And although our primary focus is on the Jewish heritage and history of Rohatyn, our experience confirms what this article describes as a common need for intercultural cooperation and the conservation of local heritage sites associated with all religions.

We encourage you to contact us with questions or suggestions for additional resources.

Resource Categories

Heritage Preservation

Local and Regional History

Genealogy and Family History

Dialogue and Reconciliation

Cross-Cultural Tourism

Literature and Art

Other Sources for References and Links

Much larger reference lists are available on the website of Jewish Heritage Europe, categorized both by topic (e.g. Jewish Cemeteries) and by region (e.g. Ukraine); it’s not surprising that many of the references we use are also in the JHE bibliography. For anyone living in or visiting the major western Ukraine city of Lviv, the library of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe is an important asset, and provided our first exposure to several of the books and other media on our list. Both of these sources are also linked on our resource category pages.