A Ukrainian book on the history of Jews in Galicia

Additional Education Resources

Ця сторінка також доступна українською.

Gathering and developing educational resources to support mutual appreciation and understanding between today’s Rohatyn citizens and the descendants of Rohatyn’s former Jewish community is a core project of the Rohatyn Jewish Heritage program. Several of the existing education themes of the program are described and resourced on separate pages of this site, covering genealogy, geography, and the history of the Jewish community of Rohatyn.

This page collects educational resources which do not tie directly to the larger education themes of the program and website. Our intention is to develop tools and references which will answer common questions, enable self-motivated and assigned research, and lead to open exploration of the shared history of the modern city of Rohatyn. We welcome inquiries and suggestions to help us plan, gather, and develop these resources.