(This is a chapter from Jack Glotzer’s memoir, I Survived the German Holocaust Against All Odds. Click here to return to the Table of Contents.)


ֶאלַמֵלאַרֲחִמיםש ֵכןַבְמר ִמיםַהְמֵצאְמנ חהְנכ נהַתַחתַכְנֵפיַהְשִכי נהַבַמֲעל תְקד ִשים ְטה ִריםְכֹזַהר

ה ר ִקי ַע ַמ ְז ִהי ִרים ְל ִנ ְשמ ת ַי ִקי ֵרנ ְקד ֵשינ ֶש ה ְלכ ְלע ל מם. א נא ַב ַעל ה ַר ֲח ִמים ַה ְס ִתי רם ְב ֵצל ְכ נ ֶפי

ְלע לִמים ְצֹרר ִבְצר ר ַהַחִיים ֶאת ִנְש מ תם.יהוהה א ַנ ֲח ל תם ְו ינ ח ְב של ם ַעל ִמְש כ בם ְונֹאַמר אֵמן


O God, exalted and full of compassion, grant perfect peace in Your sheltering presence, among the holy and the pure, to the souls of our brethren of the House of Israel who have gone to their eternal home. Master of mercy, we beseech You, shelter them in the shadow of Your wings forever. May their souls be bound up in the bond of life. The Lord is their portion. May they rest in peace. And let us say: Amen.


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