An interview for local Ukrainian television in 2011. Image © 2011 Jay Osborn.

Rohatyn Jewish Heritage in the Media

Our program of heritage, history, and education has appeared in a variety of media during the past few years; direct links to several articles and conference presentations are included here. See also the broader coverage of heritage issues on the References and Links page.


on the Jewish Heritage Europe website:

29Dec2017: Ukraine: Rohatyn non-invasive survey report published; a review of and links to our summary of the 2017 non-invasive mass graves boundaries survey, including the full report from the archaeologists

17Dec2017: Further signs of Jewish Heritage cooperation in western Ukraine; a cross-post of our 15Dec2017 news report on the second Lviv roundtable to discuss and network Jewish heritage projects in seven towns, including Rohatyn

06Jun2017: Ukraine: Holocaust mass graves survey at Rohatyn completed; related to our 05Jun2017 news report on the RJH-funded 9-day non-invasive archaeological survey of three mass grave sites

12Feb2017: Ukraine: Signals of cooperation in Jewish heritage work; a cross-post of our 10Feb2017 news report on the Lviv roundtable on Jewish heritage

24Jan2017: New Resource on Jewish Gravestone History & Meaning; a summary and links to our Written in Stone article and the YIVO Encyclopedia article from which we quote extensively

24Jul2016: Uprooted Jewish gravestones, and their return to Jewish Cemeteries; includes Warsaw, Brest, Vilnius, and other cities, plus a detailed summary of our project in Rohatyn

08Jul2016: Jewish cemetery clean-up in Nasielsk, Poland: first-hand report (cross-post)

08May2016: Cemetery restoration: report on hands-on experience and how-to (cross-post)

25~28Oct2015: Cross-Disciplinary Conference of European Jewish Cemeteries in Vilnius, Lithiania; Marla Raucher Osborn on the Role of the Internet in Jewish Heritage Preservation

11Jun2015: Rohatyn Update; about the new memorial in the New Jewish Cemetery, and the movement of recovered headstone fragments to the Old Jewish Cemetery

09Nov2014: More Fragments of Matzevot Recovered in Rohatyn, Ukraine

24Apr2014: More Headstone Fragments Discovered in Rohatyn

30Jan2014: Jewish Gravestones in Poland/Ukraine: Lists and New Discoveries

23~25Apr2013: Working Seminar on Managing Jewish Immovable Heritage in Kraków, Poland; Marla Raucher Osborn on A Jewish Genealogist’s Viewpoint, and Questions

28May2012: Ukraine: Report on Rohatyn Cemetery Project

May2012: In Focus: Rohatyn, Ukraine: Jewish Headstones & Human Remains. Where to Go from Here?


in the Газета Вікна (Gazeta Vikna, “Window”) online edition:

27Sep2017: 25 Gravestones from the Jewish Cemetery Excavated During Installation of a Fence; local reporting of our 19Sep2017 news report

02Apr2017: “You are looking at pure evil” – Observance of the 75th Anniversary of the Destruction of the Rohatyn Jewish Community; local reporting of our 21Mar2017 news report

30Sep2016: Former Jewish Synagogue in Rohatyn now a Boarding School; local reporting of our 11Jun2011 news report

30Jul2016: 50 Ancient Jewish Gravestones Found on the Streets of Rohatyn; a local version of our 23Jul2016 news report adapted from Газета Голос Опілля (The Voice of Opillia)

13Jun2016: During the Second World War in Rohatyn, Almost 9000 Jews Were Shot


in Christian Herrmann’s Vanished World blog:

12Apr2017: Between Lviv and Ternopil; a visit to Jewish heritage sites in Rohatyn and other towns of the region

13Mar2013: We owe it to our history to take active responsibility; interview with Marla Raucher Osborn


in the online magazine:

in a series:
23Dec2017: Sonia Engström, Om när halva stan förintas (in Swedish: “When nearly half the town is annihilated”)
08Jan2018: Sonia Engström, Star Trek från Rohatyn (in Swedish: “Star Trek from Rohatyn”)

31Mar2017: Sonia Engström, Ett arbete som berör – Rohatyn Jewish Heritage (in Swedish: “Work that touches”)


in the Tablet Magazine blog, The Scroll:

13Apr2017: Benjamin E. Cohen, American Couple Aims to Preserve Remnants of a Ukrainian Shtetl


in The Times of Israel online edition:

29Oct2013: Steve Turner, Shtetls: We Can’t Forget You. Please Remember Us.


on the News page of the Centre of Archaeology, Staffordshire University:

09Jan2018: Caroline Sturdy Colls, Rohatyn Survey Results Released, announcing the publication of their final report on 2017’s non-invasive archaeological survey, as linked and summarized on our website

05Jun2017: Caroline Sturdy Colls, Survey Completed in Rohatyn, covering the 9-day non-invasive archaeological survey described in our 05Jun2017 news report


in the Success! Stories testimonials feature of the JewishGen website:

Mar2012: Marla Raucher Osborn, Traces: What Remains of a Life


on the Virtual Shtetl portal:

28Jan2014: Lists of Matzevos from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and Rohatyn Now Available Online


on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio, an internationally syndicated radio show in BC Canada:

18Jan2018: Pawlina Demchuk MacQuarrie, interview with Marla Raucher Osborn, part 1 (transcript and podcast)
18Jan2018: Pawlina Demchuk MacQuarrie, interview with Marla Raucher Osborn, part 2 (transcript and podcast)

19May2014: Renata Hanynets, Ukrainian Jewish Heritage – Rohatyn


in the Los Angeles Review of Books online magazine:

03Jan2018: Linda Kinstler, To Petrify Time: On Grigory Kanovich’s “Shtetl Love Song” and Sergey Kanovich’s Lost Shtetl Project


on France 2 Television, in the documentary series Envoyé Spécial

04Jul2013: Renaud Laverne, Les Arpenteurs – Le tourisme de la mémoire


on Ukrainian news television:

24May2011: Interview with Alex Feller and Marla Raucher Osborn