Memorandum of Cooperation with the City of Rohatyn

Last week, Rohatyn Jewish Heritage signed a memorandum of cooperation with the City of Rohatyn, agreeing to work together to preserve and promote Jewish heritage in and around the city for the benefit of all. We are very pleased to participate in this important public acknowledgement of our common interest in protecting and popularizing Rohatyn’s tangible and intangible Jewish heritage as a component of the city’s multicultural past, present, and future.

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While not constraining either the City or RJH to specific projects or timelines, the agreement outlines several areas of joint work, most of which already have some tasks in progress by one or both parties. The core projects for continuation and new development consist of restoration, recovery, documentation, and promotion of the physical heritage, as well as education and communication programs about Rohatyn’s Jewish history via the local history museum and the Internet. These projects will form part of a broad array of development programs managed by the City to help connect Rohatyn’s rich and diverse culture with its citizens and others.

We formed Rohatyn Jewish Heritage as a registered Ukrainian NGO late last year for exactly this reason: to enable joint work with the City of Rohatyn and with partners in the region and abroad. We are grateful for the cooperation and support the City has provided, and for their many helpful suggestions on ways to improve preservation of and access to the local Jewish heritage for the benefit of Rohatyn’s citizens, its international Jewish descendants community, and interested visitors. We would also like to express our gratitude to Law Craft LLC for their assistance in drafting the memorandum for consideration by the City, and for their ongoing support of our long-term relationships in Rohatyn.

A transcription of the memorandum in Ukrainian is linked here, as is a translation of the agreement into English.